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S&C seamlessly integrates hardware, controls, and services for microgrids.

There’s no reason to panic when you partner with the industry’s most reliable microgrid solutions provider. S&C is the leader in complete microgrid solutions because we know that for microgrids to function properly, every piece of the puzzle must fit perfectly. Our solutions go beyond the hardware, ensuring the controls, communications, and integration of our solution are all properly configured from the start.

Choose a partner with unmatched experience.

S&C gives you the power to feel comfortably in control of your project. Leveraging our extensive experience designing and building microgrid systems, we’ll develop a customized solution for you that will anticipate future demands and ensure reliability.

Trust the industry leader in microgrid solutions.

advanced microgrid projects

50+ MW
generation supported by our microgrids

total generation sources connected in microgrids

189 MWh
of energy storage expertise

A Spectrum of Microgrids

Microgrid Guidebooks

Prepare for your microgrid. Navigating microgrids can be a daunting task, but we are here to make it easy. We’ve consolidated the latest research along with our industry-leading expertise into three guidebooks. These tools will help you evaluate whether a microgrid is right for your needs, prepare for integrating a microgrid, and plan for the long-term care of your microgrid.

Is a Microgrid Right for You?

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How to Build a Microgrid

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Short- and Long-Term Microgrid Care

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GridMaster® Microgrid Control System

GridMaster Microgrid Control SystemThis control system is the brain of a microgrid. It is the key to unlocking the microgrid’s benefits, and it is the critical piece that makes the microgrid “smart.”

Designed specifically for microgrids, S&C’s unique network architecture offers the intelligence and performance required to control, monitor, and communicate with your microgrid’s generation sources, loads, and distribution equipment.

Learn more about the GridMaster Microgrid Control System.

2,000+ control points

2,000+ control
and values processed every 2 seconds across all existing microgrid projects.

Military-grade security protocol

Military-grade security protocol
S&C is the only integrator to receive an Authorization to Operate (ATO) from the U.S. Department of Defense.

7 layers of cyber security defense

7 layers of cyber security defense
Cyber security is not a firewall. S&C’s controls use 7 layers of defense to protect the core code and your microgrid.

Energy Storage

Energy storage enables microgrids to respond to variability or loss of generation sources. S&C has more experience integrating energy storage systems than any other microgrid provider.

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Microgrids require the integration of assets that were never built to work together, let alone be designed to adapt to life without a utility connection. This is where S&C’s broad range of expertise is indispensable, making microgrid projects easy and seamless while saving you money by getting it right the first time.


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Integration Services

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Deployment Services

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Project Map

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Case Studies

Examples of S&C’s proven microgrid solutions around the world.

North Bay Microgrid

A microgrid providing a resiliency hub and refuge to a Canadian community.

Watch Video

Ameren Microgrid

One of the most advanced utility-scale microgrids in North America.

Watch Video

Oncor Microgrid

A complex series of interconnected microgrids for a major Texas utility.

Watch Video

City of Field Microgrid

An energy storage-backed microgrid providing support during outages in Canada.

Watch Video

PEER Certification Project

The Ameren microgrid is the first utility-scale microgrid to achieve a Gold PEER Certification. Watch our video below.

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