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Maybe you have existing live-front gear that’s battling some wildlife issues.

Maybe you require the safety of isolated components, but you don’t have the budget or the need for fully submersible switchgear.

Maybe you’re just looking for better overall reliability.

Whatever your specific challenges are, you need a pad-mounted switchgear solution to address them.

You’ve come to the right place: S&C’s PME Pad-Mounted Gear is dead-front, air-insulated underground distribution switchgear that provides safety and reliability upgrades at a reasonable price.


Improved reliability with encased components

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Increased safety and ease with dead-front design

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Cost benefits of air insulation

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Leading-edge durability

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The Right Solution

PME Pad-Mounted Gear: The Right Solution For a Never-Ending Problem

Case Studies

Reducing Animal-Induced Flashovers at a Major Theme Park

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Construction Enclosure

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Fuse Compartment

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Switch Compartment

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TransFuser™ Mounting

S&C’s TransFuser Mounting enables a safer, simpler, and more ergonomic method of re-fusing.

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Gear Options

Product Details

Which Underground Distribution Switchgear Is Right for Your Installation?

Explore these two alternative pad-mounted or vault-style options from S&C.

PMH Pad-Mounted Gear

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Vista®, Vista® Green, and Vista® SD Underground Distribution Switchgear

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A Spectrum of Solutions

Mitigating Utility Challenges with Underground Distribution Switchgear

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